Mobile SEO Services

The mobile landscape has revolutionized the way consumers and clients interact with your business and your products. They require a much nimbler, faster, and localized experience. This mobile revolution is a disruptive force that’s changing consumer behavior and how they interact with your website. As mobile phones become ubiquitous your website needs to reflect this changing sentiment and provide a user experience unmatched by your competitors. A mobile-friendly website is not an option anymore, it’s a must for any business large or small.

Unfortunately there are many competing theories around mobile SEO best practices and business owners, quite often, don’t know where to begin.¬†Here at Neftis Consulting we offer mobile SEO services that help small and medium-sized businesses navigate the often complicated waters of mobile marketing. We will help you define your mobile¬†strategy and position your website for success.

Before You Begin

There are essentially three strategies you can utilize in order to optimize your website for mobile users, but before you begin, you must first understand which experience your users prefer. There are several tools that can help you with this initial research. For example the Google AdWords Keyword Tool allows you to filter on only those keywords being searched for from mobile devices. This will give you an idea of whether or not users in your niche search for your products or services from their mobile devices. Next take a look at your Google Analytics to see how many of your users visit your website via mobile devices. With the help of custom reports you can further segment your mobile traffic to gauge their behavior.