SEO Audit Services

seo audit servicesHere at Neftis Consulting we provide  SEO audit services that will help you take the first step in the right direction and ensure that your website serves the needs of both your users and search engine bots. Organic search has become an integral part of how your customers and clients find products and services related to your business. Whether they are looking for information, researching a product, or contacting you regarding a service, the “search-box” has become a gateway to your business, and your website is at the center of this shifting consumer behavior.

However your website may serve multiple purposes. It may act as a change agent, looking to influence consumer behavior to better fit your business objectives. It may act as a content hub, educating your consumers as to the various benefits your products or services may offer, or it may sell directly to the consumer, regardless of the function, building a solid foundation will be the key to your success.

Unfortunately SEO has been an afterthought for many business owners to date. However savvy marketers have recognized the importance of organic search and have successfully integrated SEO into their marketing mix. Before you start planning your business strategy moving forward, its important to take a step back and re-evaluate the fundamentals on which your website was built.

Because search engine best practices are frequently changing, it is important to audit the fundamental structure of your website from time to time. We strongly believe that our SEO Audit Services can help you uncover opportunities for improving the structure of your website and lay the groundwork for years to come. Being proactive with your website is a must in today’s ever-changing search landscape.

What Our SEO Audit Services Diagnose

Redirect Issues

Redirects may be coded in different ways, for example using HTML, JavaScript, or even CGI or PHP scripts. Redirects are critical because they signal both a browser and a search engine bot to go to another URL. By far, 301 (permanent) redirects are the most search engine friendly because they transfer over link popularity to the new destination. Because of the various ways in which redirects can be coded and the subtle differences between them, redirects can cause issues especially during site redesigns and migrations.

Server-side Issues

Server-side configuration is a critical step in ensuring your website is fully optimized for the search engines. Various issues can impact how well your site performs, ISP problems, a mis-configured Robots.txt file, and trailing slash (“/”) issues are just a few examples.

URL Issues

Improper URL configuration can create many road blocks for search engine bots when they crawl and index your website. Among the various issues we diagnose are absolute/relative reference inconsistencies, dynamic URLs, SSL based pages and session IDs.

Navigation Issues

Various navigational issues may impede your website’s optimal crawl-ability and index-ability by the search engines. Sub directory depth, orphaned pages, JavaScript, Form and Flash navigation are just a few examples of the types of issues we diagnose.